Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Teacher jailed for firing air gun (2)

I recently had a post on the disgraceful case of a teacher imprisoned for six months for firing an airgun at yobs who had terrorised her family. However, the story just seems to get worse!! She has now been refused bail and has gone on hunger strike!! Mr Justice Royce said he recognised her case was "unusual" and that she had a "great deal of public sympathy" but this was "not a case for bail", he said. Well, what is a case for bail? Does this seems a reasonable case for granting bail? "Paedophile on bail groomed girl". I know who I would have chosen to be granted bail!


Dumb Brit said...

I remember another famous case in which a completely guiltless prisoner was sent to the death penalty, while a convicted murderer was released.

This was about 2000 years ago, though, so it's really old news.

Isn't it strange, though, how little people learn?

Snafu said...


As I recall that particular case, the murderer was released to appease an angry public.