Monday, July 31, 2006

Lies, damn lies and Labour

Does the BBC keep a record of the frequency with which Government Ministers are unavailable for interview on Radio 4's 'PM' when the news is negative? Is the frequency increasing?

No one was available from the Ministry of Defence to answer accusations that the lack of body-armour in Iraq had resulted in the death of a British soldier.

No one was available from the Home Office to answer fears that UK public services could be overwhelmed by Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants next year.

Two refusals in one day, it could be a new record!

Number Crunching

1,000 Corrupt Prison Officers
1 Corrupt Immigration Official

Tax strike

If 12,000 jobs may be cut at HM Revenue and Customs, why are only 8,000 of them going on strike!?!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Conservative support

What are the Conservative party policies that 39% of the UK electorate apparently support!?!

Nope, I couldn't think of any either!

Pity Vis!

Will the Labour MP for Golders Green, Dr Rudi Vis, be defending Israel's actions as strongly as the Labour MP for Blackburn, Jack Straw, attacks them on behalf of his constituents!?!

Affairs fair!

Why was Tracey Temple given two months paid leave following the disclosure of her affair with John Prescott? She is supposed to be a civil servant working for us!

The Sunday Times reports that whilst Tracey's career has been sidelined to a role just "opening envelopes", John Prescott's career has been sidelined to a role running the country...

Has Tracey got a strong case for constructive dismissal if she resigns? How much will that cost the taxpayer!?!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

British Foreign Policy

Should Her Majesty's Government determine British foreign policy based upon the wishes of the UK's muslim population?

Muslim peer Baroness Uddin told Today she thought the majority of people in the UK - "not just Muslims" - were opposed to Mr Blair's stance on the Middle East crisis.

British foreign policy is not anti-Muslim but that is, increasingly, a challenging argument to make. - Sadiq Khan MP

All power to the complainants

How can one anonymous complainaint have the authority to halt a forty year old annual event supported by three thousand people raising funds for the RNLI?

If anyone objected to the complainant's actions, would they be heeded!?!

Look who's smiling now!

Denmark may be "the happiest place on Earth", but with Europe's strictest immigration laws, you may find it difficult to move there!

Locked out

How many 'non-key workers ' can afford to buy a property in Gerrards Cross, Weybridge, Kensington and Chelsea, Ascot or Sevenoaks!?!

'Key workers' should not have an automatic right to live somewhere convenient to work, private sector workers don't!

Would 'key workers' forego some of their pension rights to boost their current pay!?!

That's not life!

Why are any registered sex offenders serving life terms kept in open prisons!?!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Bike Tax

If London's cyclists are forced to fit numberplates to their bikes, how much will it cost to register your bike?

Who will fund the Cycle database?

How much will the fine be for not displaying a numberplate?

How will they catch you if the authorities are currently unable to stop cyclists riding on pavements or going through red lights!?!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bricks to Brick Lane!

Dust to Dust,
Ash to Ashes,
Bricks to Brick Lane

The makers of the film "Brick Lane" are no longer going to do any filming in Shoreditch, where the book is set, due to threats of violence from the local Bangladeshi community who were 'insulted' in the book.

"We have been advised by the police and Tower Hamlets council that it is probably best not to film there"

State owned supermarkets?

How do union officials feel when they buy their groceries at private sector shops "driven by profits"?

Do they think state operated supermarkets would offer a broader range of services more competitively!?!

Patricia Hewitt needs to be reminded that the NHS is not run for the benefit of union members but taxpayers and patients. Trades union always defend their members' jobs first and foremost!

Suitable schools

Would there be "suitable" state schools for very bright children in Alan Johnson's constituency if Grammar schools had expanded under Labour?

I don't think it is betraying the human race to send your child to a private school - Education Secretary Alan Johnson

Just betraying the Labour Party Alan!

Does Alan oppose Lincolnshire County Council's plan to stop funding fifty places 'for single mothers (!?!)' at private schools in the county?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Helping the NHS?

Tony Blair is keen for people to take responsibility for their own health to relieve pressure on the NHS and avoid "a crunch in policy down the line."

What incentives are there for people to take responsibility for their own health? As the NHS is 'free' at the point of need, people who are irresponsible with their health are not penalised financially!

Will private health insurance become tax deductible?

Caravan off!

You drive half way across England, followed by a queue of irate car drivers, to enjoy some peace and quiet at a Caravan Park. Next day, a caravan pulls up alongside you and Margaret Beckett gets out.

It would be the mother of all Caravan nightmares!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Disorganised crime

The IRA is no longer involved in any centrally organised criminality, just individual members doing their own thing!

There probably is still some localised individual criminality by former and maybe existing Provisional IRA members for their own private gain. - Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain.

So that's alright!?!

Ministers' memoir monopoly

MPs want to prevent civil servants from publishing unauthorised memoirs of their time in office but Ministers would be treated differently as they "do not have a contractual relationship with the government".

If successful, the proposal can only increase the value of ex-Ministers' memoirs by nobbling the competition.

How convenient!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Golden Fleeced

"Research shows that the so-called golden age [of tough school examinations] is as mythical as Jason and the Argonauts" - Education Secretary Alan Johnson.

Channel 4's 'That'll teach them' disagrees! 68% of viewers thought that education in the 1950s was better than today's.

Many of the pupils predicted 'A's and 'B's failed their O-levels.

The West Cardiff Question

The 'Government of Wales Bill' represents the biggest transfer of power to the Welsh Assembly since it was founded seven years ago and allow politicians in Cardiff Bay to make their own laws.

Following this legislation, should Welsh MPs be prevented from voting on English matters? Will it be long before English voters also oppose a Welsh Prime Minister!?!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The 45,001

Will the Government be building prisons to hold 45,000 new prisoners in the next couple of years!?!

Bargain of the century?

Should London's taxpayers subsidise London's hotels?

Transport for London has paid £1.5m to host the first stage of the 2007 Tour De France and "predicts a boom for the capital's hotel industry during three days of opening events in London"!

If hosting the race really is "worth £70m", why didn't it cost more to host!?!

Sorry is not the hardest word.

If young criminals can avoid court by apologising to their victims, will they also accept an apology when the victim thumps them!?!

The 45,000

The Sunday Times reports Home Office concerns that 45,000 "undesirable" migrants could legally arrive in the UK from Bulgaria (population 8m) and Romania (population 21m) when they join the EU next year.

How many Turkish migrants will the Home Office identify as "undesirable" when Turkey (population 71m) joins the EU?

"I have no doubt that if bringing Turkey in [to the EU] is the prize, it is worth fighting" - Jack Straw, former Foreign Secretary.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Racially motivated murder?

Should the murder of 20-year-old Shezan Umarji be considered an even worse crime if Police 'discover' it was racially motivated? His death should be treated as a tragedy, regardless of the circumstances.

Have Lancashire Police had a "two-hour meeting with leaders of the [white] community on Saturday afternoon to help reassure families living in the area" if they are not yet sure that the attack was racially motivated?

Update: Will Lancashire Police spend longer investigating Shezan's murder than a 'typical' murder inquiry as they have "declared it [] a racist murder investigation"?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Parliamentary discipline

What do MPs need to do to earn a "strong rebuke" from Parliamentary Commissioner Sir Philip Mawer?

Mr Prescott is likely to receive only a "mild rebuke" because he swiftly listed his visit to Mr Anschutz's ranch on the register of members' interests.

John Prescott only registered July 2005's visit to Philip Anschutz's Colorado ranch after he was found out by the media this year.

Swift registration indeed!

Sounding off

'Dr' John Reid blames the 8% increase in street robberies and muggings on the "rise in numbers of young people carrying expensive goods, such as mobile phones and MP3 players" and is "already taking action to address it".

Will he tax mobile phones and MP3 players so fewer young people can afford them in the first place!?!

The Government should not claim credit for a 3% reduction in vehicle crime. Car manufacturers fit immobilisers and car alarms as standard to make vehicle theft more difficult!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Judges "in touch with reality"?

How many judges can afford to be insulated from reality when they earn anything between £95,000 and £155,000 per annum!?!

Gordon Brown's Britishness

Gordon Brown may proclaim his Britishness, but he still ensured his son was born in Edinburgh as any proud Scot would...

On a wing and a party.

Is it credible that Gordon Brown, Labour's greatest Chancellor of the Exchequer since Denis Healey, master of the PFI, seller of Britain's gold reserves and creator of tax credits has no links to Lord Levy's creative party funding at all?

More importantly for Labour party members, if Gordon is waiting in the wings for Tony to step aside, why hasn't he been involved in plugging Labour's £27m deficit if there is nothing to hide!?!

Creeping state control

Control orders were originally introduced as an anti-terror measure, however, like all good ideas (!), mission creep ensures the idea spreads to other areas. The Government noiw wants control orders for "gangsters" who avoid prosecution.

Who will be the next group of individuals to face control orders?

It would be ironic if the "gangsters" cannot be prosecuted for involvement in any actual crime but are found guilty of using a mobile phone or travelling inappropriately!

What about the bus drivers!?!

"We regard the people who work on our railways as skilled professionals, responsible for the safety, operation, logistics and customer service of our network." - Chris Grayling MP, Shadow transport secretary

Remember Chris the next time your train is cancelled due to a "lack of drivers", "leaves on the line" or they go on strike again!

- South West Train drivers to strike on July 31st, August 11th and August 21st...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Planned Teenage Pregnancies

Would the Government's "Teenage Pregnancy Strategy" be more successful if the Government accepted that some teenage girls do consider having a baby is a better option than a low-paid "dead-end" job?

We reject that view completely - Beverley Hughes, minister for children, families and young people

Ignoring reality will not contribute towards Government goals on reducing child poverty!

Middle East crisis

Having demonstrated it's military strength in The Lebanon, would it be best for Israel to unilaterally cease it's military offensive and only resume if Hezbollah rocket strikes continue?

Pride and stubborness have always been the worst traits in politicians.

Welsh health tourism

Why should Welsh Local Health boards expect to pay less for the treatment of Welsh patients at English hospitals than English local health authorities do?

Agreement has been reached with the Department of Health that cross-border activity between England and Wales will not be subject to the English tariff in 2006-07, and guidance issued by both the Department of Health and the Welsh Assembly Government confirms this agreement. - Welsh Assembly Government spokesman.

Sickness rates

GPs 'see big rise in sick notes' - BBC News Website - 14th July 2006.

Absence 'falls among UK workers' - BBC News website - 16th July 2006.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Knife amnesty

100,000 knives have been handed into Police following a five week knife amnesty.

"Every knife that is taken off our streets is one that cannot be used to kill, maim or intimidate" - Tony Melville, spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers.

How many knives are manufactured each day!?!

We want to be together!

Why doesn't David Cameron have the courage of his convictions and insist that Conservative MEPs leave the EPP immediately rather than in 2009 when they can join a new group?

Why should anyone vote for Conservative MEPs who favour closer European integration!?!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Defrauding the taxpayer

The "Natwest Three" are accused of defrauding Natwest and GNW by persuading GNW to sell an Enron subsidiary despite knowing it was worth much more than $1m sale price.

How many Civil Servants and managers in the UK should be charged with defrauding the taxpayer!?!

Train Leasing companies were originally sold to their managers at bargain basement prices.

Carlyle Group earned £370m profit on a £42m investment in QinetiQ.

Some more equal than others.

Lord "Loans 4 Labour" Levy has complained that his arrest by Police was "unnecessary".

One of the questions that we maybe ask the police is whether this [arrest] is designed to be a symbolic act to show the seriousness of the investigation or whether it was genuinely necessary to advance the investigations. - Tony Wright MP, chairman of the public administration committee.

Do the Police always have to justify their decisions before a committee of MPs?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Natwest three

Would the Natwest three have stood a better chance of remaining in the UK if they had been illegal immigrants!?!

It's good to see that MPs were so incensed with their extradition to America on Thursday that they voted to go home early! True dedication...

Gordon's busted!

If UK unemployment rate is at a six year high, is immigration at a six year low!?!

"It's a political reality that around half a million irregular migrants can't readily be deported and EU migration alone cannot be relied on to fill the jobs many of them are doing" - Habib Rahman, chief executive of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants.

Are you sure Habib!?!

Protect the workers!

Are twelve trades unions who are joining forces to oppose further NHS reforms doing it for the benefit of patients and taxpayers or to protect their members' jobs?

Funding priorities

When will the Home Office spend £300,000 funding a conference for racists and far-right groups so it can engage with people "who don't necessarily share the same point of view"!?!

Would the Foreign Office have funded the conference if it wasn't for the "tiny minority of Muslims who [] unleashed violence and terror - by distorting the teaching of Islam upon innocent neighbours and fellow citizens"?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Public lessons

What does David Cameron think the private sector can learn from NHS managers whose "inadequate leadership and ineffective management are the causes of the worst deficits in the NHS"!?!

Registering Failure

What is the point of identifying the brightest 5% of 11 to 19 year olds if they are not able to attend Grammar schools to prevent a "terrible waste of talent"? Is it a Government admission that Comprehensive schools are anything but comprehensive!?!

How will the students be identified? Will teachers simply recommend students or would students sit an exam when they are 11 called the '11+'!?! If you pass the exam, you automatically qualify...

Monday, July 10, 2006

New Terror Alerts

The Government has announced new terror alert levels:

Low: Gordon Brown (1) - No boom or bust.
Moderate: Patricia Hewitt - It's the best year ever.
Substantial: Hazel Blears - Head in the sand.
Severe: Gordon Brown (2) - Jaw dropping.
Critical: John Prescott - You're stuffed.

Murals to die for?

Should murals in Protestant parts of Northern Ireland be preserved for their historical significance or painted over as part of the "peace process"?

How much public money is being spent to paint over murals in Catholic parts of Northern Ireland?

How many tins of paint does £3.3m buy!?!

Private school pupils "pay more tax"

28.6% of pupils whose parents paid full private school fees pay tax on earnings of £70,000 or more by their mid 30s compared to just 7.6% of those who attended state schools!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


If youngsters ignore Maritime and Coastguard Agency advice that "tombstoning" is a dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or death, should they be fined when they are injured!?!

Not one finger on the pulse!

What does David Cameron expect to achieve by asking people to empathise with "hoodies"?

He risks alienating natural Conservative supporters and wavering Labour voters up and down the country by demonstrating, once again, how remote he is from the problems facing normal people everyday!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Judicial confidence

Public confidence in judges has been undermined by the recent spate of media attacks on the judiciary - Lord Falconer

I don't deserve to be in prison. At least I don't think so, not with what people get away with nowadays. - Daniel Hardman

Daniel's six month prison sentence for glassing a pub landlord and witness intimidation was reduced to 200 hours of community service as the judge felt remorse when Daniel cried in court as sentence was passed.

Free nursery places

Do unemployed parents living in some of the most deprived parts of Scotland really need free nursery places for their children when they already have plenty of free time each week!?!

Scotland Open, England Closed.

Scottish Trade and Industry secretary Alistair Darling has rejected calls for shops in England and Wales to be allowed to open for more than six hours on Sundays.

Alistair's Scottish constituents will be unaffected by the decision as there are no restrictions on Sunday opening hours in Scotland.

Funny that!

Child poverty

In seeking to reduce child poverty, what is the Government doing to discourage people from having babies until they can afford to look after them without state support?

Unemployed 21 year old Keith Macdonald has fathered seven children by seven different women and supports none of them financially!

Why should taxpayers be expected to support his children?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ID cards and welfare fraud

If the Department for Work and Pensions is serious that the introduction of National Identity cards will reduce benefit fraud, why not insisting that only benefit claimants must have an ID card?

Only drivers need driving licences...

Jobs, jobs, jobs!

Why does the Government have no intention of "increas[ing] or reduc[ing] the number of people coming to the UK" even though 75% of people think too many immigrants are coming to the UK?

Will immigrants be competing for jobs with 1m incapacity benefit claimants that the Government is also keen to get back into work?

Where will they all work? The public sector?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Must be Labour!

Why does the BBC forget to mention the political allegiance of ex-council chief Colin Inglis who is accused of abusing a 13 year old boy?

They didn't for "former Liberal Democrat leader of Derby City Council", Maurice Burgess, who faced charges of indecent assault.

They didn't for "former Conservative councillor" and leader of Bedfordshire council leader, Albert Whinnett, jailed for indecently assaulting two girls!

They didn't for Conservative mayor Chris Morgan after being "arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children".

They didn't for Conservative leader of Dartford Borough Council, Kenneth Leadbeater, "who admitted making indecent images of children on his home computer".

No it doesn't!

"We should be sympathising with the family of both of the soldiers, particularly the Muslim family because this actually proves the fact that Muslims also give their life for Britain." - "Prominent Muslim" Labour peer Lord Ahmed of Rotherham

Would any "Prominent" Christian peer ever say "We should be sympathising with the family of both of the soldiers, particularly the Christian family because this actually proves the fact that Christians [] give their lives for Muslims."!?!

Number crunching

49 Percentage of British Muslims who believe that further suicide bombings in the UK are likely.

49 Percentage of British Muslims who think it is offensive that some non-Muslims feel anxious if they see someone they think is a Muslim on public transport carrying a backpack.

18 Percentage of British Muslims who feel anxious if they see someone who looks Muslim with a large bag or backpack!

Data courtesy of The Times / ITV poll.

Welfare Reform

If the Government is determined to shake up incapacity benefit, it only needs to reduce the amount of benefit paid out.

Individual claimants are best placed to determine whether work pays or not. Specialist advisers are not required, they are merely a ruse for increasing the public sector headcount again.

The Al-Qaeda Police

If Al-Qaeda sympathisers are trying to infiltrate MI5, how many have already joined the Police where security checks are presumably less rigorous?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Smoking Consultation

Why does the Government need to have a three month consultation on raising the legal age to buy tobacco from 16 to 18 or even 21?

Who are they expecting to defend the current age limit?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ken Clarke on Ken Clarke

Will Ken Clarke be describing "English votes on English matters" as "Xenophobic" and "anti-foreigner"!?!

Employment Opportunities?

Why did the UK Immigration department think that Britain could benefit by allowing an 11 year old Somali orphan with learning difficulties live in the UK?

Did they think she would provide plenty of 'case work' for social workers?

Naturally, the BBC only mention the girl is "of Somalian origin", other details are not necessary...