Monday, April 04, 2005

Call to give prisoners the vote

The latest wheeze to reduce voter apathy is to try and overturn the current law that prisoners are unable to vote in elections. Allowing them to vote will apparently help to increase their sense of civic pride!! What a load of rubbish!! I would have thought that they will vote for the party that gives them the most luxurious prisons and campaigns for early release, Liberal Democrats perhaps!?!

What's more, Unlock chief executive Bobby Cummines who is heading the call along with the Prison Reform Trust says, "If prisoners are excluded from voting then we don't have a democratic society, we are just paying lip service to one." So we don't live in a democratic society? I know that Bob but giving prisoners the vote won't help overcome that!!


Steve said...

Snafu, I would normally agree with you on this. The proposal clearly comes from a bunch of Islington types who probably only like prisoners because they have heard what they get up to in the showers. However, given the character of our present Government, this proposal would at least stop them trying to affect the vote in key marginal constituencies by locking up dissidents for the duration. Unfortunately, the prospect of that sort of behaviour is becoming a concern.

Snafu said...


I'm not sure even this Government would lock up people in key marginals for the duration of the election!! Interesting point you make with respect to those under House arrest, I assume they are still allowed to vote. Still, if prisoners are given the vote, in which constituency would they be allowed to vote? Can they use a postal vote!?!