Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Chuck's Euphoria

Charles Kennedy says the mood of the Liberal Democrat campaign is the best since the "heady days of 1983". With that sort of clear insight, he needs to have a good single malt as the results come in next Thursday. The 1983 General Election returned Margaret Thatcher for the first time with a 144 seat majority and the Lib-SDP alliance stormed into third place with 23 seats. Heady days indeed but not for the Liberals.

PS Chuck adds: "I think they [The Conservatives] are the losing team in this election while we are looking increasingly the team which is winning." How does he support this statement when their support bounces around the 20% mark in the polls whilst the Conservatives average 33% and Labour average 37% (depending on the poll)?

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David Vance said...

The thing is, Charlie boy is the Liberal media's poster boy (And we're talking widescreen poster here) So the more nonsense he talks, the more we will find the media lapping it all up between now and Thursday next week. I will be surprsied if the weekend polls don't "show" a sudden surge in Lid-Dem popularity as the media do their best for wacko Kennedy.