Monday, April 11, 2005

Holy spook

"Well meaning" council tax funded officials working in Norwich have decided that the "Holy Ghost" should no longer be used in school as it could confuse children in Religious Education.

Ms Agombar, said: "We've heard stories of children taking these stories home and becoming confused, particularly the little ones." Yes, maybe, but then they get older and are taught the error of their ways. That is surely the whole point of an education. Does Norfolk County Council propose changing the name Great Yarmouth to just Yarmouth? It's a nice enough place but I don't consider it to be all that Great!! Before I'm spammed by a whole load of people in Yarmouth, I'm just making a point!! The New Forest is also pretty old now, should that now be called Forest?

Frankly, would Norfolk Council taxpayers welcome a reduced council tax bill this year if such "well meaning" work no longer happened? Would they even notice!?!

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