Friday, April 08, 2005

Eric the Unred's dilemma

Eric the Unred is currently facing a fascinating dilemma on a topic that as far I'm aware was not reported in the UK media. Tens of thousands of French high school students and their teachers marched through Paris on March 8th protesting (as only the French know how) about educational reforms. Nothing unusual there, however, these demonstrators were then attacked by about one thousand black and arab youths. The motive according to the left-leaning Le Monde was "racism". Eric continues " I don't know, this is so difficult. Should I condemn the Francophobia, or is that pandering to another phobia? How about condemning those beating up peaceful protestors? Is that an acceptable progressive position to hold these days? Or should they to be excused because they are oppressed?"

As far as I can tell, such a story runs totally contrary to how Eric perceives the world around him and may also help to explain why it was not reported in the UK.

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