Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Right Herbert

If nothing else, the announcement that Nick Herbert is replacing Howard Flight MP should lead to some amusing headlines. So what if Labour think that the Tories have a secret agenda for cutting public services, I wish they did as I would be far likelier to vote for them than is currently possible. The whole point of the election is to give the electorate a choice, if you want tax rises, more money poured down the drain, higher benefits then vote Labour. It's pretty much public knowledge that Labour will be increasing taxes after the election but have not made any firm commitments about where these rises will be made. If Labour do not announce their plans in their manifesto, have they also got a secret agenda? I would believe that Labour had some genuine hackles about Nick Herbert if was a prospective Labour MP, but he's not.

You only need to read the "Welfare State We're in" or visit the website of the same name to see that taxes can be cut whilst maintaining public services, the balance could easily be found by reducing benefit fraud and making work pay.

Personally, it looks like it's a real shame that the Tory Party were not able to give both Howard Flight and Nick Herbert a chance to become MPs at the same time.

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John Daragon said...

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