Sunday, April 24, 2005

Up the creek and the paddle's sinking fast

Reading Alistair Campbell's memo in the Sunday Times on his view of the election campaign so far, it would appear that both the Tories and Liberal Democrats are up the creek without a paddle. I really can't understand this as Labour simply do not deserve nearly as great a majority as they achieved in either 1997 or 2001. Having said that, I don't believe the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats deserve to win either as the manifestos have been cleansed of real radicalism and reforming zeal before presentation to the electorate.

The most that I can now hope for is that turnout is at a new historic low despite the postal fraud so that the next Labour Government does not a have a strong mandate to carry out it's policies. That they will continue their policies regardless and forget the electorate for another four years is unfortunate.

It is interesting that the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives to a lesser extent are now trying to turn the election into a referendum on the Iraqi war whilst Labour seeks to play down such a vote. Before the war started, I trusted Tony Blair to be privy to intelligence information that could not be disclosed to the public and therefore act responsibly based upon this information and therefore supported the invasion. That the most basic checks on this intelligence appear not to have happened or that Intelligence caveats were ignored or played down seems quite wrong. I cannot trust the Liberal Democrat's position as the information Tony Blair was acting on at the time apparently showed a credible threat that they were prepared to ignore. The Conservatives supported Tony Blair prior to the invasion for the reasons given above yet continue to be "reasonably" enthusiastic supporters of the invasion now despite the intelligence to the contrary. What a choice!!

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