Saturday, April 09, 2005

Defecting candidates

It sometimes seems like musical chairs as various prospective MPs change allegiances on the road to Westminster rather than Damascus. It's interesting to see how the BBC report them though!!

Conservative MP defects to Labour. "He is the third Conservative MP to defect to Labour since 1997."

MP Marsden defects back to Labour. Marsden was a Liberal Democrat MP if the headline doesn't make it clear!! No count to say how many others have defected from the Liberal Democrats, nor any explanation as to why he now feels obliged to leave the Liberal Democrats except saying "A Tory government would impose savage cuts" on public services, but he was never a Conservative. Still, always best to take a swipe at the Tories!!

Finally, "Defection boosts Liberal Democrat Campaign", go on, guess, who is defecting? Yep, a prospective Labour candidate has switched to the Liberal Democrats in the Ribble Valley on the day the election was called. It is the only report that could be described as fair!!

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