Friday, April 29, 2005

Help, I need somebody

Having watched the Question time special last night, I am now in a bigger dilemma than previously over who to vote for!! I have three choices. A Prime Minister who was economical with the truth when presenting the legal case for going to war with his cabinet. A Liberal Democrat who thinks it's fair to pick on the 1% minority of people who earn over £100k so that everyone else benefits whilst not having to pay any more taxes themselves. Finally a Conservative leader who not only would have gone to war regardless of whether it was legal or not but also has no idea if 40% of gross national wealth being spent in the public sector is just right, not enough or too much. I am truly spoilt for choice.

Still, what the programme lacked in deep debate it made up for in entertainment value. From the booing as Tony Blair arrived to his increasing perspiration as he was tackled over GPs massaging appointments to the audience focus on Michael Howard's immigration policy and whether his policy would have let his forbears into the country or not. The only thing missing were the cries, "Jerry, Jerry".

To take Michael Howard's footballing analogy from the other day, they may be 2-0 down at half time but whilst there is an open goal at the moment, Michael and Tony just squabble in the centre over the ball's design whilst Charlie wanders around asking why they can't play another game instead.


lascivious said...

How about the monster raving loony party?

Oh wait.... that's the lot of them....

David Vance said...


They weren't booing him, they were "booming" him! Luckily I keep in beat with the kids lingo on da street, which means I know these things.

What a laugh watching Blair sweat.