Thursday, April 21, 2005

It's a crime!!

If you ask three economists about their views on the economy, you will get three different answers. This seems to apply to crime too!! If you think crime is getting worse, Police recorded crime figures will support you. There was a 9% increase in recorder violent crime in the last three months of 2004. However, if you want violent crime to reduce over the same period, use Labour's preferred method and use the British Crime Survey that shows violent crime reducing by 10%!! Will Sheward at the 80/20rule explains that the British Crime Survey is just that, it asks 40,000 people for their experiences of crime and then it extrapolate for the whole of the UK. Bizarrely, this survey only records offences carried out on people in private households, therefore it excludes a large number of people renting for whatever reason!!

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Wat Tyler said...

Strange how the frantic scrutiny of these statistics by the Westminster Village and the msm totally fails to resonate on the doorstep. It's because this is an area where we all have personal experience to go on. So being told in a patronising tone by 'Andy' Marr that our primitive fears aren't supported by official statistics is just a wind-up.