Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Not apathetic, just not voting

For those of you struggling to overcome the dilemma of whether to vote for the best of a poor crop of party policies or not vote at all, fear not, help is at hand. The Notapathetic website now allows you to explain why you don't want to vote rather than just not showing up at the polling booth or letting someone else use your postal vote.

How can focus groups possibly capture some of the comments below?
"i would be a fairer leader of a party than blair, i am not as big a fool as howard, and i could drink kennedy under the planet"
"I'm a white, middle aged professional male who isn't gay, blind, deaf, disabled, unemployed, rich or a criminal. None of the parties want to do a damn thing for me, so why should I bother voting for them. I sincerely wish there was a 'none of those w*nkers' box on the voting slip so that I could register my disgust with politicains, in general."
"Voting does crap all. it only lets us choose our masters. masters who lie, cheat, steal and murder their way through life. Don't vote and work towards Anarchy, it makes sense to me anyway."


The Digital Daytripper said...

Hmmm...they ( won't let you post unless you put in a valid email address and then conform it Wwhoops, I meant "confirm" it, of course.

Of course.

Anonymous said...

wow. you are awsome. I'm not gay, just american and i think people like you should be running government. there just a few steps away from being commies. what with all the laws and getting punished for victemless crimes.

thank you for enlightening me on britain.