Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Sun shines on Labour

Tabloid newspaper The Sun has decided to support Tony Blair and give him "One last chance" which is just as well as he is stepping down sometime in the next Parliament so it is his last chance anyway. However, as you read the article, it's hardly a ringing endorsement, as far as I can tell, had the Conservatives had a more aggressive manifesto of reform, the Sun would have supported them instead!!

"When the Tories start acting like Conservatives, they might deserve our support. The Tories talk about “small government” then offer a manifesto that would spend just about as much as Labour. They boast about tax cuts, then promise a pathetic £4billion out of a £630billion total tax haul. On health and education, they offer nothing much more than misty promises."

It would be good to know what Daily Mirror and Guardian readers think of their "arch-enemy" Rupert Murdoch supporting their party!!

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