Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sylvia's school classes (2)

I have just watched a programme on Channel 5 entitled "Classroom Chaos" that I briefly referred to a couple of days ago. Sadly, I could not imagine a better advertisement for having your children educated privately than this.

If they are typical state schools (and the programme seemed to be fair, but does not reflect my own experiences at a state school), then I pity the poor children and the future of this country. No wonder social mobility is decreasing, it has nothing to do with grammar schools but everything to do with a complete breakdown of discipline at school, a lack of academic ambition and an establishment not prepared to support it's teachers at the chalkface.

No amount of additional funding could ever help correct the problems highlighted in this programme. The real losers are the children featured whose only chance at a proper education seems to have failed completely. Without radical change, such children can truly be called Generation X.


lascivious said...

I think the solution is streaming. Special schools for the disruptive is a good start and the re-enstatement of the grammar school system is too.

Paul said...

i.e. reverse everything Nulabor is doing. We currently have a system where "Special Schools for the disruptive" (known as EBD schools) are being closed and pupils included.

What that means is they are dumped in mainstream classes.

Snafu said...

And that condemns everyone to a worse education than if they had been separate. However, Labour and their ilk can revel in their "inclusiveness". Diane Abbott and Harriet Harman aren't strong believers in inclusiveness. Diane's son is at a private school whilst Harriet sent her son to a selective Grammar in Orpington, Kent in 1997!!

lascivious said...

I went to a private school and my wife went to a selective Gramma in Orpington! Ok - it was an all girls school and St Olaves (the boys Grammar) are 2 miles apart, but it's a small world. How the bloody hell did Labour get an MP in Orpington? That's prime Tory territory if I ever saw it!