Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Navel gazers

If the Guardian and the BBC are to be believed (and what a reliable combination that is!!), then the Conservative party are currently doing a little bit of navel gazing. Should they continue to focus on immigration as the leadership want and run the risk of becoming a single issue party or promote their other policies? If the "dog whistle policy" idea is correct, they should move on from immigration as that part of the electorate who are attuned to such a policy should already have made a mental note of this. A few gentle reminders throughout the remainder of the campaign would be useful to reinforce this message but they do need to move on from immigration. What should they now focus on? There is only one answer, taxation.

In a survey for the Financial Times this morning 67%, disturbingly, believe a Conservative government would raise taxes whilst 80% believe a Labour Government would raise taxes if re-elected. If this is true, then frankly, what a choice for the electorate, more tax or more tax!! It will simply not be worth bothering to vote as taxes will go up regardless! The Conservatives only possible chance of winning now is surely to explicitly state they will cut taxes significantly and detail how this would be done so people know how it will impact them. If Labour cannot be trusted to tell the truth about their own taxation and spending agenda, why should so much faith be placed in their claims that Conservative spending and tax plans don't add up? If Labour is right, the Conservatives can always do what Labour do now, borrow.

PS It is reasonable to expect that all parties do some navel gazing to review the impact of their respective campaigns before it's too late.

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