Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Teacher jailed for firing air gun.

What conclusion is to be drawn from this story on the BBC today? Admittedly the teacher went too far when firing a pellet gun and should have had the self control from her teaching experience to prevent this despite the yobs making her life hell over many months. However, there are no details of the Police trying to stop the anti social behaviour in the first place. Have they arrested the youth who pressed for the charges? Fish were stolen from her pond, her son's car was vandalised, they received abusive telephone calls, what was done to stop this? Surely nothing can be worse than not being able to relax in the security of your own home free from fear of your neighbours. I suspect she felt pretty helpless in the circumstances and let down by "the system", only her drastic actions could bring it to a stop.

The only people laughing will be the yobs who have won by getting her imprisoned for six months.


Bill Sticker said...

That teacher should have used a pump action shotgun. At least she wouldn't be doing time for next to nothing.

Snafu said...

I was just surprised she missed!!

Terranix said...

"While we support homeowners protecting themselves [lies] in line with the recent ACPO and CPS guidelines, Mrs Walker overstepped the line and attacked a group in an unprovoked, disproportionate manner," said Det Sgt Frank Hayley, of Trafford CID.

"The use of a firearm was an extreme reaction and Greater Manchester Police will not tolerate the use of such a weapon on the street, irrespective of the offender's justification."

What a load of bollocks. For one thing, there are no legal air pistols in the UK that are capable of being classed as "firearms". For another, she fired the pellet at the guy's feet--by no means "disproportionate". If she had hit him in the gut, the prosecution might have had a case, but even then it sounds like he had it coming.

As always the police are petrified of a public left defenceless in the face of their total ineffectiveness taking matters into their own hands and rendering them obsolete. This is why, for example, women who might otherwise have escaped rape through use of mace or pepper sprays find themselves unable to defend themselves through the devices' illegality. To justify some hopeless PC Plod's job driving around the suburbs in a souped up patrol car.