Sunday, April 17, 2005

Government Rescue package for Index?

In more news to show how strong the economy is under Labour and how bad it could be under the Tories, Littlewoods has now announced that up to 3,200 jobs are to be cut as they close 126 of their Index stores around the country. It's a real shame that they are not all being lost in one area with a large number of Labour marginal constituencies. Otherwise Tony and Gordon would have been there to help the families out in such troubling times with £75m to help them all retrain.


lascivious said...

Even if the job losses were all in one area, I suspect nothing would be done. Car manufacturers employees are heavily unionised, and in the case of Rover the union is Amicus.

One quarter of all union-sponsored Labour MPs were funded by Amicus. The union holds a large block vote at Labour Party conference. Moreover, Amicus is the single largest financial donor to a Labour Party - just before the 2001 general election, for instance, Amicus handed over a £2 million donation.

The people working in Index are not heavily unionised.

Snafu said...

Lascivious. That's a really good point. I would like to know what the ex-employees of Index think about ex-Rover employees being helped whilst their plight is ignored. The hypocrisy stinks!!