Thursday, April 21, 2005

"Doing a Gordon"

Perhaps as I feared, the Conservatives have made a right pig's ear of their tax cuts. Rather than returning the money to the people who pay all these taxes to spend as they see fit, they have done what can only be described as "Doing a Gordon". They have decided to redistribute their tax cuts to those who they judge to be the "needy". Unlike the "hard working families" beloved by Gordon, the Conservatives have chosen house buyers and people saving for their retirement rather than Jo Public as those in need of special attention. They therefore want to scrap stamp duty for properties costing under £250k. Unfortunately, as most people only tend to move house once every seven years, it's hardly a reason to apply for that postal vote now is it!?!


Dave said...

Elections are about battling for floating voters whilst maintaining your ground support.

The Tories have lost the initiative and become a single issue campaign.

They desperately need to change their tune, find a vote winner, and let people know they need a 10% lead to form a majority.

Otherwise we're heading for another 100+ Neo Labour majority.

Snafu said...


I agree with you but doubt whether prospective home buyers are now more likely to vote Conservative? What about those people who have no plans to buy a house or trade up or down? It would have been far better for the Conservatives to suggest that they want to increase the personal tax allowance to £5,000 for example. That is a far more tangible tax cut for most people than a targeted reduction in stamp duty.

I disagree with stamp duty anyway as it's a tax on mobility or on buying shares.