Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Labours Key election pledges

The BBC has highlighted Labour's key election pledges and what a pitiful list they are too. Hardly a reason to go out and vote!! Pledges in bold, my thoughts aren't!!

  • No increase in basic or top rate income tax. But we will not increase personal tax allowances and we reserve the right to increase National Insurance or any other tax as we choose

  • Minimum wage to rise to £5.35 from October 2006. That should start increasing the number of unemployed people in the UK

  • Increase home ownership by two million. How will they achieve this? Build more homes? Ban Landlords? Sell off more council houses and close down Housing Associations? Great idea, make the UK workforce less flexible so that they are unable to move to areas of high employment. I'm sure Rover workers are pleased they can't just move area.

  • Inflation target of 2%. So what? It's out of your control. The Bank of England is responsible for that these days. What about asset price inflation?

  • No-one will have to wait more than 18 weeks to see a specialist from date of referral. That is still nearly a five month wait. Hardly responsive is it?

  • Rebuild or refurbish every secondary school. Does every secondary school need to be rebuilt or refurbished?I must buy some shares in Jarvis and the other large builders.

  • Education or training for every 16 to 18-year-old. Why? Nearly 20% are illiterate at 11, will an extra two years help them?

  • Publicly-owned Royal Mail fully restored to "good health". Since when has the post office been one of the most important issues facing the electorate? The only thing most people want is a decent and reliable first post in the morning, it's not important if it is publicly or privately owned.

  • Action to tackle guns and knives. Some more legislation will sort this pesky problem out!! Offcut or Offshoot may be suitable Quango names!!

  • Further Lords reform. All power to Tony and his successor!!

  • Point system for immigrants.

  • What about clean hospitals!?!

  • Tax cuts!?!
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