Sunday, April 17, 2005

Don't speed, unless you are late for a Police meeting..

How often have business people been late for meetings and been tempted to speed to make up for some lost time? They may go a couple of miles over the speed limit, but 42mph over the recognised speed limit in central London is surely taking the michael!! What do you think Chief Superintendent Les Owen?

He is head of the Metropolitan Police's traffic division now facing misconduct proceedings after the marked car he was a passenger in drove at 82mph in a 40mph zone as he was reportedly running late for a meeting.

"Having witnessed first hand the suffering of families whose loved ones have been seriously injured or tragically killed, I would strongly urge all motorists not to speed." - Chief Superintendent Les Owen, February 2003

I'm sure the driving conditions were excellent that day, the meeting was an emergency and Chief Super. Les will be cleared. One law for the police, another one for everyone else?

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