Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Potential for Electoral Fraud

This morning, the BBC Today programme again raised the issue of electoral fraud at the forthcoming General Election following comments made by a judge that the postal voting system "That would disgrace a banana republic". Naturally, Labour were not prepared to discuss the issue so were unable to provide a spokesman to defend the current situation. More disturbingly, the Electoral Commission, whose only role is to ensure fairness at British General Elections, was also unable to provide a spokesman. The Liberal Democrats and Conservatives were at pains to state that the elections are likely to be fair and that Labour aren't trying to circumvent the rules. Alongside the magic boundary rules that give Labour an extra sixty seats across the UK if their share of the vote was identical to the Conservatives, I can't help but think that paying less attention to postal voting fraud than is necessary can do nothing but help the "right" party to win those tough marginal seats. They are the good guys afterall!!

At this rate, we may need to ask Robert Mugabe to provide monitors to prove to the world that our elections are fair!!

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David said...

Even the good become corrupted.