Monday, April 04, 2005

Media coverage of the Pope's death

Media coverage of the death of the Pope seemed to reach a new low this morning on the BBC Breakfast News when they covered the memories of a family blessed by the Pope on his visit to Wimbledon, South London in 1982. He blessed them even though they were Anglican. What a guy!!

Coverage of the death seems to be going the same way as that of Princess Diana, wallowing in a global grief as the world seems to stop rotating for a couple of days. The announcement of the General Election is apparently delayed 24 hours, there is a truce in political campaigning, no other news stories have broken. Is it a good day to break bad news!?! Even Prince Charles' wedding plans are in doubt!!

I have found TV coverage leading up to the death almost voyeuristic, "The Pope's breathing is becoming shallower, his blood pressure is dropping rapidly, the Last Rites have been given, he has a high fever". For something as intimate and personal as death, I would have preferred his last moments to have been far more private and away from the speculations of a voracious press pack.

NB I did struggle with the idea of posting on such a sensitive issue in the first place in case I offend any readers particularly as I have not seen many other blogs passing comment, but felt that if I didn't publish, then I'd be censoring myself and decided that was even worse!! The intention of this blog is not to offend people but to "have my say" on current affairs and hopefully be heard sometimes. That is why I created this blog in the first place and presumably what motivates other bloggers too. I'm not even sure I should have published this caveat!!

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