Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Final Furlong

As the party horses charge around the racecourse and enter the final furlong of the General Election sweepstake, punters are still unsure as to the winning margin of the Labour horse "Tax and Spend". There are a number of variables that could affect the final result that make the outcome uncertain even at this late stage. "Tax and spend" could tire having had a good race so far. Her legs aren't what they used to be and whilst it has had a number of superb races in the past, it's future prospects aren't what they used to be. Some unkind punters even say that it may be headed for the abbatoir after the next race. The Conservative horse "Immigration" has run a steady race to date but punters often underestimate this horse's abilities to win, it could still catch "Tax and spend" and win in a photo finish. Despite a lot of cheering and support, "Real Alternative" continues to lag "Immigration" where it's been since the start of the race and where it is destined to remain.

Will the Labour horse be found to have been fed more banned postal votes stimulants than the other horses? Do the public still trust a jockey who has lied in the past and will they unseat him? Who wants the other jockeys to win anyway? Would they be better jockeys in the future than Tony?

Some of the bigger questions now look beyond this race and consider the next race. Punters unease continues over exactly when Tony will pass his ride to Gordon Brown, sooner or later? Will Tony have the final decision on when or will it be decided for him?

So much at stake!!

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