Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wrong place, wrong time, wrong city.

It seems less likely that they will find the murderer of Richard Whelan, who died in a "totally unprovoked" attack on Friday. Assistant Metropolitan Police Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur says that proactive work had "slowed to a trickle" on major murder inquiries as 10% of the Serious and Organised Crime Unit have transferred to the terror inquiries.

I am sure Doreen Lawrence's presence (mother of Stephen) at the Liverpool murder scene will ensure Anthony Walker's brutal murderers are caught more quickly.

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alfie said...

This is something that has been bothering me over the last few days. Two murders, both unprovoked, both victims with their girlfriends, both obscenely killed - one with an axe, the other with a knife.

One was a black man killed by one or more white men. The other was a white man killed by a black man. One has been described as an unprovoked racist murder by Merseyside police, with names, appeals etc broadcast all over the BBC - and subsequently introduced as 'the racist murder of ...'.
'by one or more white men'... The other was described simply as a murder by 'a man with his hoody up' ....

Nothing about the racial origin of the attacker.
(studiously avoided by the BBC).
Nothing even about the colour of the hoody the guy was wearing.....
And certainly, no bold early statement from the Met' about whether the murder on the bus was a racist attack or not......

I expect the investigation of crime - and the subsequent reporting of it to be the same across the country. Sadly, I fear I'm being a bit naive.