Monday, August 08, 2005

English British

Ethnic minorities are doomed! Hazel Blears is to ask Muslims and Asians if they would prefer to be rebranded as Asian-British or Indian-British rather than Asian or Muslim according to a report in The Times today. The rebranding exercise would "strengthen and highlight" their British roots.

Is this woman really in charge of the Home Office? Is she the best Labour has!?!

If such nonsense is to proceed, I expect to be rebranded as 'English-British', nothing less will do.


Mike Cunningham said...

None of that hybrid 'British' thank you very much!

Nothing less than pure "GEORDIE" for me, if there's a choice going!

Turbatio said...

Being, as many people in this country, something of a mongrel in terms of bloodline, I proudly identify myself as "Anglo-Saxon-French-Welsh-Scottish-British". I think Mrs Mears is one of the most intelligent, gifted and forward thinking members of our illuminated government, by the way. We should be grateful that so wondrous a mind is there to represent us in Parliament and solve our social ills with her insightful and helpful suggestions.

Bishop Hill said...

Is she the best Labour has got? But Mr Snafu, we are speaking of Trent Polytechic's finest!

Snafu said...

What is it about Labour MPs and being a polytechnic lecturer!?!

Forgetful Stephen Byers is also a former poly lecturer.