Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fake Passports

A naturalised Briton, Mahieddine Daikh, found at Bangkok Airport with 452 fake passports of various European nations appears unlikely to be charged with any offences. A Foreign Office spokeswoman admitted "He could not be prosecuted in Britain for this offence" when he returns to Britain. Why not? Britain recently spent £3m on the trial of an Afghan warlord whose crimes, whilst heinous, did not affect Britain in any way and yet has been imprisoned here for 20 years at an annual cost of £35,000. (He arrived here with a fake passport!!)

Procuring fake passports should be a serious offence even if no British Passports were found in this particular haul. How can Britain's borders be secure when people are not punished for supplying false passports even if those passports are not British?


David Vance said...


I saw that story - isn't it telling?

Toque said...

Even more justification for ID cards. Wot?

Anonymous said...

you wanker thailand is the biggest supplier of fake passport in the world
and what that idiot did is buying passport for 50 pounds and sellt it for 2000 pounds he was trying to make money i guess you will not hesitate to take money in wallet you find in the street will you !!!!