Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Labour not working

If the TUC are complaining that too many British people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi descent are unemployed (only 43% are employed), is there a need for more immigrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh to provide "cheap labour" for UK plc?


Turbatio said...

Yet again, the issue of Multi-Culturalism rears its ugly head. What other country in Europe provides elementary schooling for tots in Bengali? If our citizens can't speak the language of their adopted homeland, then it's no wonder they find it difficult to find gainful employment.

Gary Monro said...

Indians don't suffer such high levels of unemployment. I think these groups need to look at themselves for the causes of their own problems...

If you add the unemployed to the numbers of 'economically inactive' you get over three million people.

Restrict welfare, clear out these millions of people on sick benefit (many of whom are playing the system - a first world NHS, free at the point of use and record levels of sickness? I don't think so...) and we need never import any but the most essential, skilled labour from abroad.