Monday, August 29, 2005

Position vacant

Carmathenshire County Council, in their best efforts to keep council tax rises to a minimum, are looking for a belly dancing instructor for adult education classes.

Why does the Belly Dancer need to be able to speak Welsh? It must be the only form of racial discrimination still legally allowed in the UK. How many non-Welsh people can speak Welsh?


Astolath said...

Did it say that Welsh was a requirement? It says that it would be an advantage, that's all.

It's also in a part of Wales with a large number of native Welsh-speakers, much like Ceredigion where my parents live. Down south, most speak English as their first language (people in mid and north Wales refer to people from Cardiff as English!).

The web page does have a section on the Welsh language ( that states that Carmarthenshire boasts the largest number of Welsh speakers in Wales - and indeed the world - 89,213'.

With that in mind, the advert seems to make sense...

Snafu said...

Yep, guilty, it does say it would be an advantage rather than a requirement. However, I still can't help but think it's tacit discrimination against non-Welsh people!

Stevo in HCM said...

I don't think the prospective pupils will give a damn what language the successful candidate will be speaking as long as she's a nubile hottie with a jewel in her belly button.