Thursday, August 25, 2005

The evil rich

The BBC focuses on "wealthy city dwellers" who buy second homes in the countryside, thereby destroying rural communities and forcing local house prices up beyond the reach of local people. Why does the BBC ignore young people for whom house prices are beyond their reach in city centres?

Why would the Treasury want to introduce a policy that will "appeal to only a few [wealthy] people"? It will allow people to purchase buy-to-let properties and shelter them from both capital gains and income tax within a self-invested personal pension scheme. The "few" people to gain will be rich, existing home-owners and Labour MPs Michael "seven homes" Meacher and Keith Vaz.

Well done Gordon! For some reason, the BBC overlooks that Labour is responsible for this policy!


BigRedOne said...

Current MP's who are unlikely to make cabinet level need to secure their pensions don't you know ;-)

Plus, of course, Gordon needs to keep his future foot soldiers sweet. Bloody travesty IMHO that a Scot can become our PM when they've got their own parliament.

Snafu said...

FBB, the cynic in me suggests the policy is a very shrewd move both for Gordon and the Labour Party. The policy is not specifically targeted at Labour MPs of course but the "few" high and mighty individuals across the UK whose support is essential for financing Labour and their policies. Whoever said Labour looks after its own!?!

The one group of people who continually see to lose out under Labour are middle class, middle income, middle Englanders (and their Scottish, Welsh and Irish counterparts). That anyone in this group could ever vote Labour defies belief!!

BigRedOne said...

Amen to that.