Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Good ethnic cleansing?

Is there such a thing as good ethnic cleansing? Whatever your views on the rights and wrongs of Jewish settlements on the Gaza strip, it currently appears that they are being ethnically cleansed from it!

How old would the settlements needed to have been for the settlements to be considered permanent? The Turkish presence on Cyprus dates back to 1571.

PS I have no view on the Cyprus issue, it's just an example to illustrate a point!!

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Edwin Greenwood said...

The Gaza/West Bank settlements are something of a special case. These are not normal communities formed by ordinary settlement or migration, but stem from explicit political acts; unofficial/semiofficial(*) armed garrisons or outposts which represent the statement, "we claim this land and intend to expropriate/recover(*) it from you". This ploy seems to have failed or perhaps has been superseded by an alternative strategy.

Golda Meir, if I recall correctly, was of the view that the "so-called Palestinians" were really just Jordanian Arabs who were in the wrong place. If anything, the goings-on in Gaza are the abandonment of an attempt to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians.

(*) Select verb according to your preferred interpretation.