Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Signing Up

An estimated 20,000 Newcastle fans turned up at St James' Park to witness Michael Owen signing for Newcastle United.

Why weren't they at work or looking for jobs? How can they afford to attend Premiership football matches on benefits?


The Gorse Fox said...

Mmm, The same question occurred to the Gorse Fox. How can 20,000+ people find time off, mid-week to make their way to a football stadium to greet a new player? Oh, silly me, it's because GF and people like him pay for them and their families, their fags, their booze, & their season tickets.
Disclaimer - GF excludes from this mass generalisation any a) person who was on annual vacation; b) person of independent means; c) person of any ethnic or religious group that may be offended; d) person who was harmed by a "difficult" upbringing.

Mark said...

Maybe it was lunchtime? The stadium is about two minutes from newcastle city centre where a huge number of people work, and it's the school summer holidays. As for Gorse Fox's frankly idiotic assumptions, they speak for themselves.