Friday, August 19, 2005

Lost and fined

Only a judge could admit prison doesn't work. Why does he believe that higher fines would work when they are often "means tested" and are not always paid anyway? In June 2004, £373 million of fines were outstanding in England and Wales.

If 58% of prison inmates are reconvicted within 2 years of release, why not just keep them in prison a little longer?


Wat Tyler said...

What ever happened to those old-time hangin' judges?

The Political Thinker said...

Michael Howard reduced crime when he was Home Secretary, and did so by implementing what works – tougher and longer sentences for criminals, as well as a stronger police presence on the street.

It’s not only the fact that they are reconvicted within two years of release, but also the fact they cost us more than £11 Billion each and every year in ways of damages and so on.