Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Defective Conservatives

Sir Malcolm Rifkind has described Conservatives as "defective" for flatlining in popularity over the last eight years. He is right, with an unpopular Labour Government, Conservatives should have significantly increased their share of the vote in 2005 if they are to have any chance of securing overall victory in 2009. He blames the lack of progress on the Conservative pre-occupation with immigration, asylum, Europe, crime and tax. I blame it on a lack of Conservative ambition.

Had Conservatives promised sweeping tax and welfare reform in 2005, combined with improving public sector service provision in health and education, I am sure they would have returned many more Conservative MPs. As it was , Conservatives were unable to offer solutions to the problems that face most people on a day to day basis. Does everyone have an NHS dentist!?!

The Conservative "focus" on tax was remarkable only for it's lack of clarity and impact on normal people.


Anonymous said...

I agree.
The Conservatives should be concentrating on strong policies aimed towards their grass roots supporters rather than trying to be all things to all people.
They should be proposing to crack down on the benefits system and stem the flow of an increasing section of the population for whom living off the state is a life style decision.
The current system is actively discouraging a work ethic and will come back to haunt us all in the future. This was a perfect opportunity at the last election which unfortunately the Conservatives appear to have ignored totally.

Gavin Ayling said...

It is a shame. This is an obvious truism but the party policy makers fail to see it spending, as they do, so much time listening to the BBC and Blair and not trusting their convictions sufficiently.