Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fired Up

The Fire Brigade Union are concerned that £1-2bn Government plans to consolidate 46 emergency fire control centres into eleven regional centres could lead to job cuts and "could push up council tax".

They weren't as concerned about council tax increases when they won a 16% pay deal following strike action.

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wonkotsane said...

I had occasion to phone the Fire Brigade a few weeks ago when someone set fire to an underpass.

I phoned 999, asked for Fire, waited while some bint read my mobile number out to the operator (modern technology eh?) and then explained where the fire was.

I didn't know the name of the road or which underpass it was (do they have numbers or something) but I could explain which one it was to the operator - down that road that used to be a dual carriageway until a couple of months ago, over the island and it's the first underpass up that road.

The reason I could do this was because the operator was in Telford and not miles away in Birmingham where the regional call centre would undoubtably end up.

Never have found out how they knew I was in Telford when I was calling from a mobile phone - I didn't tell them.