Monday, August 15, 2005

No credit where it's due

It's good to see the BBC quoting Home Office figures that the cost of identity theft last year was a "£1.3bn" fact. The Register neatly dissects this 'fact' here.

If everyone really received a copy of their credit histories each year, how many would be intercepted and used for credit card fraud? I recently saw a copy of my credit history and was shocked at the amount of detail it had on me, anyone looking to steal my identity would have everything they need on just a few sheets of paper. The fewer times it is sent through the post the better!!

It would be far better if individuals were only ever notified of changes to their credit histories.

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Mike Cunningham said...

The equipment require to completely copy a credit card can be purchased for approx. five hundred pounds over the net, inclusive of all the electronic protection devices! Ally that with a high-end lap-top costing around fifteen hundred pounds, and you can commence 'work' and profitable operations with only four separate pieces of software!
It really is as easy as that!