Saturday, August 06, 2005

NHS outsourced to India?

A mother is flying her son to India for a spinal operation costing £4,700 as she could not accept a "worst case scenario" of a one year wait here in the UK. Southampton General Hospital blames the potential delay on balancing "high demands with scarce resources", presumably a problem no other organisation ever faces. If people are finding India offers faster, cheaper and better treatment than the UK, should the NHS be outsourced!?!

Despite Southampton University Hospital Trust being awarded only one star for performance (it lost one star this year) and ending the year with a £11.5m deficit, the Chairman has just been re-appointed for another four years for "consistently good performance". Well done Richard Keightley!!


Mike Cunningham said...

One shudders to imagine what the hospital would have been like if it had been found that he was useless at his job!

JuliaM said...

I thought Southampton hospital seemed to ring a bell as being notorious for something recently - it's the hospital that is refusing to lift the court-ordered 'do not treat' on Charlotte Wyatt.

Still, as long as the Chief Exec gets his, eh.....