Thursday, August 18, 2005

Nightmare Ticket

The BBC describes a possible Conservative leadership deal between David Cameron and Kenneth Clarke as a "Dream Ticket". It's the nightmare ticket.

More blue water is required between Conservatives and Labour, not less. Having already been rejected in two leadership elections, why does Ken Clarke think he could win this time and successfully lead the country in 2009?


Lurch said...

A dream ticket for the pro-EU, socialist BBC obviously.

Gavin Ayling said...

Ken Clarke as leader would sound the death knell for the libertarian movement within the Conservatives for another long period. We must all hope that MPs learn from their Major/Heseltine mistakes of the past and choose someone who genuinely believes in non-interventionist government.

David Vance said...

A dream ticket for those who wish to see the UK continue to sink into the leftist sewer favoured by Auntie BEEB. Cameron is so weak as to turn my stomach and as for Clarke - hushpuppy bedecked semi- ocialists ain't my thang.

Devil's Kitchen said...

I can only conclude that the Tories don't actually want to get into government ever again. I haven't figured out why, but it is surely the only reason that they'd ever consider a pro-Euro loony like Clarke and a wet "compassionate conservative" like Cameron.

The whole thing makes me want to weep.

Gavin Ayling said...

Devil's Kitchen, Do you agree that David Davis is the right candidate?

The Political Thinker said...

Am I the only one who believes that Cameron stepping aside for Clarke to run would be a great idea?

Clarke is quite old, somewhat left-leaning, and would have much difficult in attracting the younger votes. The MPs know this, and if he stands, there – in my opinion – is little chance of him being elected.

Many of Clarke’s usually loyal supporters have already defected to either Davis or Cameron, and so if he stood in place of Cameron, he would attract very little support.

This would then obviously give the right of the party a much better chance.

Wat Tyler said...

Very tricky for DC- the BBC, Lord Hezza, and others are trying to pressure him in behind the cuddly one. But why would he do it? a) Ken won't even stand if the leadership voting rules aren't changed; b) Ken won't win under either voting system.

By joining Ken ,DC risks being left stranded.

Devil's Kitchen said...


None of the candidates on offer inspire me particularly: and that's what I want, to be inspired.

I have yet to investigate the lot of them, but DD seems to say the odd sensible thing. However, I also think that Willetts is extremely sensible (though possibly lacking in charisma for a leader).

Where is the Tory Tony Blair, though? (Obviously I mean someone with the ability to make the population believe that the Tories are sincere about what they are doing, as opposed to someone who can totally believe two opposing views.)

As long as it's someone anti-EU and anti-ID cards, that'll be a good step. If they believe that personal liberty and a free-market economy (within reason) are also good, that'll be a bonus.

I'm going to post at length on this, but not until I'm sobered up, i.e. at the end of the Fringe...


Snafu said...

Political thinker, I like the 'double think' but am concerned that Ken Clarke could well appeal to many MPs on the Conservative left.

The only candidate from the right of the party appears to be David Davis, is this a fair view? Has the Conervative right imploded!?!

DK, a clear commitment to reducing taxes would also be very welcome. I look forward to your post when the fring is over!!