Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Saving hospital money

How does shutting 100 beds and reducing the number of overnight patients help reduce a hospital deficit of £10.2m if no staff are made redundant?

The hospital currently has 4.5 staff per bed, that will now increase to 5. Is that really more efficient!?!


David Vance said...


The NHS is beyond parody - I had reason to be in a local hospital last month and the filthiness of the Staff loo's was shocking. No wonder so many die from MRSA. There is no economic sense to the NHS - I say time to release it from the dead hand of Government.

Snafu said...

David, what were you doing using the staff loos?

Bag said...

Ironically this will save costs. Simply because staff costs are not the only cost in hospitals. When beds are occupied there are treatment costs, food costs and indirects like heating and lighting. Sadly, it is sometimes the easiest option.