Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A £1m social experiment

What would happen if the poor in the UK were each given £1m? Ignoring rampant inflation, would poverty in the UK be eliminated? Today's Sun suggests it would not. It highlights a woman on benefits who was given £1m by her stepdad when he won £14m on the national lottery. She spent it all within just one heady year and is now back on benefits living in her mum's mobile home!

Maybe the 'poor' will always be poor, their only disadvantage in life being a lack of personal responsibility.


Serf said...

Well invested, 1 Million Quid would have lasted her a lifetime. Especially if she had worked part time on the side.

How she can be a liable for benefits is beyond me.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Shove £1 million in the bank, get 4% interest and hey presto! £40,000 a year.

Love that headline though! Another Sun classic...


BigRedOne said...

I think that, well invested, you would get more than 4%!

Please look no further than that tatoo though for a sign of her class *cough*

FFS - even at 4% that's a lot more than I earn in a year :-(

Snafu said...

It appears her only treasured memories of £1m spent in a year are those tattoos!!

Gavin Ayling said...

The welfare state's rule book can never be flexible enough to cover all eventualities, but there is no way on this earth that she should EVER be given benefits again.