Tuesday, August 30, 2005

British bulldog

So much for the Blitz spirit of Londoners just getting on with it. The NHS is offering post traumatic stress testing for those immediately affected by the London bombings. Those showing signs of trauma "could be offered specialist treatment, including talking therapy, to help them cope".

Would Winston approve?


Bishop Hill said...

I thought counselling had been proven less effective than a stiff upper lip. Wasn't there some research on this a while ago?

Snafu said...

Bishop Hill, thanks for that. I do recall some research a while ago but have been unable to find a link to it.

From memory, one of the conclusions was that it could be worse for some 'victims' to talk about the events than not!

Some cigarettes were the old fashioned method for dealing with trauma...

Scott said...

I would love to see a percentage break down of the ethnic back grounds of those who actually opted for the counselling.
Personally a cold beer and the footie always relieve my stress

Devil's Kitchen said...

Winston would not have approved. Nor do I.

Personally, I blame Princess Diana. What has happened to this great nation, now mired in fecklessness, stupidity, hand-wringing and faux guilt?