Sunday, August 21, 2005

Compensation Row (2)

It would appear that the family of Jean Charles De Menezes can look forward to considerably more than the £11,000 offered to the families of those murdered on July 7th. An initial payment of £15,000 has already been offered whilst figures up to £500,000 are being quoted.

My initial post on the subject suggests Jean Charles was fleeing police at the time, that no longer appears to be true.


The Political Thinker said...

Apparently whether compensation is to be given or not, and how much, will be decided by the independent inquiry. I’ve no doubt they’ll say his family must receive compensation, if to do nothing more than keep them quiet, although I wonder what sort of figure we’ll be looking at?

It was a tragic accident, and no parent should have to go through such a thing (the pain of burying your child is unbelievable), but I hope the independent police complains commission doesn’t go overboard – If reports are true, then they’ve already been offered £500,000 and have rejected it.

clarksburg said...

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