Monday, August 08, 2005

A rogue's gallery

Do you recognise all these people? They are wanted for masquerading as Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition!

According to, the Conservative Party's role is to "constantly [] call the Government to account for its actions. The Opposition also seeks to establish itself in the eyes of the electorate as a credible alternative Government."

Whilst I have already given up on Conservatives holding Labour to account for the time being, should I also give up on them forming a credible alternative Government by 2009?


David Vance said...

It's a stealth opposition - you can't see them and you don't know that they are there.

Apollo Project said...

SNAFU [a good military acronym] - Guardian??? No thanks!

Whatever, thanks for the link!

Snafu said...

Tabman, good luck with your project. You've already got some interesting posts up!!

"It’s not easy being a Liberal …". I have no such qualms being Conservative.