Sunday, November 20, 2005

Racist Arts Council England

Following Wonko's letter of complaint to the Arts Council England about a competition only open to entrants "from an African, Asian or Caribbean background", I have now sent my own letter of complaint.

*Urgent* Why is the Arts Council England supporting the Decibel Penguin Prize when it is open to Welsh and Scottish residents from an African, Asian or Caribbean background? Only English residents from an African, Asian or Caribbean background should qualify.

More disturbingly, you are racially discriminating against 'latinos' and myself as we are excluded from the competiton simply because of our cultural heritage.

As the Arts Council England ostensibly promotes English culture, when will you be running a similar competition only open to English entrants of a European background or Latinos of a South American background?

Without supporting such a competition, I have no option but contact the Commission for Racial Equality and ask them to support legal proceedings against your organisation on behalf of the racially excluded Latinos and myself.


atraxus said...

I have complained to Penguim about this.

Others may do so on

Snafu said...

Well done Atraxus!