Tuesday, November 01, 2005

European writers only award?

Why is David Lammy, the Culture Secretary, prepared to support an inherently racist award available only to African, Asian and Caribbean writers living in Britain?


alfie said...

Why? Because David Lammy is a total numpty.
His TV performances - especially on dead easy programmes like 'Questiontime' (David don't worry, Dimbleby won't let anyone be given a really tricky question) are 'lammyentable'
To be honest, I also have a problem with the Black Police Officers Association, The Association of Black Lawyers and to a lesser extent, the MOBO awards.

I just do not understand why if 'white' was subbed for 'black' - the organisations would have as much chance of taking off as a lead filled, lead balloon, strapped to Cyril Smith.

I once tried to join the BBC Asian radio network station once. As soon as I gave them my name, you could almost hear the application form being chucked in the bin.

I also tried to apply for the CRE top job. Well, I reckoned I was at least as well qualified as the eventual successful 'applicant' - Trevor Phillips.

When he got the job, I rang them to ask what set him apart from everyone else...... Pregnant silence.

Wat Tyler said...

What do all these things have in common? The Arts establishment, the BBC, the police, the CRE...etc etc?

Why yes, that's right- they're all tax funded and controlled by our politicians.

I have absolutely no problem with blacks, browns, whites, greens etc getting into any of these fields...but I do have a problem with being forced to pay for the latest crackpot dicriminatory wheeze dreamed up by the likes of Lammy.

Plus- come to think of it- I don't want to pay tax for the Arts, the BBC, or the CRE. Must be nearly £5bn pa all told.

And while we're on the subject, why's Michael Gove got himself a pair of ludicrous Lammy-style spex?