Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pork Barrel Politics

Will middle class voters rue voting Labour now that taxes on overwhelmingly middle class homes are likely to increase as Labour searches for new ways to finance a bloated public sector?

The Telegraph reports that houses "with more bedrooms than average, conservatories, large patios or gardens, roof terraces or balconies. Homes in "gated communities" [] also face higher [council tax] bills". If such variables are already captured in the sale price of a home, why does Government need to spend £105m on collecting additional data?

Does the Government consider that houses within the catchment area of a good school should also pay more?


wonkotsane said...

I bet the council tax on lower valued properties won't go down while the higher ones go up. It's a cash raising exercise. My house is crap and so is the area but I'll pay lots of tax for having 5 bedrooms.

Snafu said...

5 bedrooms!?! Stop boasting Wonko!You can afford to pay a lot more tax...