Friday, November 11, 2005

Commission for Racial Equality

Good news for the Commission for Racial Equality. Race hate crimes have risen by 29%. So much more work to do and so little time and resources.

Why isn't "better recording" of crime used as the principle reason for such a large increase?


wonkotsane said...

That's a 29% increase without counting racism that doesn't involve white people. Why are the CRE still there? They aren't helping are they?

Gary Monro said...


Is this to say then that racial incidents are only those which involve a white person?

If a 'person of colour' kicks seven shades out of a 'person of colour' from another ethnic group is this recorded?

What if the white is a victim? Does that still count?

wonkotsane said...

Of course not Gary, only white people are racist. The Birmingham race riots a couple of weeks back didn't even register on Planet CRE.