Thursday, November 10, 2005

Out of touch

Tony Blair has warned that some MPs may be "out of touch" with the electorate.

Are any MPs "in touch" with the electorate? If Government policy was determined by 'popular' support, the UK have left the EU years ago, capital punishment would be re-introduced and immigration controls would be a lot tighter. Would UK troops be serving in Iraq?

How can Labour even claim widespread support when just 22% of the entire electorate voted for them?


dirty dingus said...

E.g. the honourable member for Sedgefield I reckon. I just wrote chez moi

dirty dingus said...

(wot happened to the rest of the post)

... I just worte chez moi that I have just figured out that the reason why I can't stand the smarmy git is that he is doing his best to turn Britain into France