Tuesday, November 01, 2005

BBC Having your say

How long can the new BBC 'Have your say' site remain? It used to be moderated to represent 'all' views yet readers can now recommend the best comments. It therefore leaves the BBC dangerously exposed to the views of those outside the media bubble...

The comments below are some of the most highly recommended from the BBC topic "How British do you feel".

This is too little too late, the britain-hating left have systematically eroded any sense of national identity over the last few decades and left us with a country of distinct and unintegrated cultures we have today- Rod

I'm not 'British', I'm English. I was born in England as were my parents, my grandparents and great-grandparents.
Being British is second to that. I'm sure that people from Scotland would class themselves Scottish before British, as would the Irish and Welsh. - Pauline, Suffolk

How can I feel British when European laws, measures and restrictions are forced upon me by unelected Euro MPs? James Murphy - Dorset

i feel that british culture has been lost to the pc brigade and this is too little too late. we are too worried of offending other nationalities in this country that we end up insulting ourselves. i am english first and only british when going through customs. and even then i'm told i am racist for flying MY flag during the world cup!!!! - Becky, London

I am not an 'EU citizen', I am English first, British second. I am tired of being kicked around by the EU, apparently something the present government not only tolerates, but actively encourages. It is time we removed ourselves from the smothering influence of the EU and became a proud country once again - Andy, Manchester

Are any political parties reflecting these views or are they all misguided little Englanders?


Gary Monro said...

It's always been a source of surprise to me that the BBC does actually reproduce comments like the ones you use to illustrate your post.

The moderators of Have Your Say must either only receive such comments - in which case they have to print them - or else must require regular counselling for being exposed to views so different from their comfortable, leftist fantasies.

wonkotsane said...

I posted a comment tamer than those but they didn't publish it. Same goes for everything I've ever sent to them.