Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Inner city blight

What does Lord Rogers thinks needs to change to encourage the middle classes to move into inner city areas? Beyond a certain income, quality of life is far more important than money. Middle class families cannot be subsidised to move to the inner cities.

There can be few places worse than central London for raising a middle class family. Most people strive to escape London's pollution, poor education, high crime rates and broad social mix before starting a family.

Whilst social integration is an admirable goal, many find reasons why it is not desirable for their immediate families. Does Lord Rogers live in Brixton or is he a "victim" of poor social planning in the past!?!


Steve said...

Unless they are very rich middle class people. Then they just send their kids to private schools, take out private health insurance and live behind security gates.

That way they can enjoy the convenience of the city, pretend to be hip and "street" (usually only important to media and other luvvie types)and walk to work, while not actually having to engage with the community around them.

Peter Pigeon said...


here's what I thought, snafu.

Richard Rogers lives in London in a rather exravagant house