Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Free childcare for all

Why should everyone be expected to subsidise the childcare costs of every parent in England?

"The Childcare Bill will force councils to fund private provision where there is a gap in the market".

The only gap in a competitive market will be where parents do not value childcare facilities enough to pay for the costs of providing them.


wonkotsane said...

My wife would happily work full time if child care didn't cost more than a weekly wage. Until something is done to encourage mothers to work, she will remain a burden on the state.

Snafu said...

Wonko, let's assume childcare costs are £300 per week and your wife can earn a maximum of £200 per week.

How does "society" benefit by subsidising the childcare costs when your wife does it for 'only' £200 and no doubt far better too!?!

Is your opposition to increased council tax lessened by the benefits of subsidised childcare costs?